Tips For Making Your Business Green

Building a positive brand image, saving money, improving your work environment and helping the planet can all be accomplished with some small steps. By following these simple tips spring time might bring you some green in forms other than sprouting leaves and green beer.

Give Employees A Voice – Employees are the ones that have the most contact with products, procedures, and daily activities. It only makes sense that they would have ideas on ways to reduce materials, recycle damaged or unwanted products, and reuse or repurpose supplies around the office. Encourage employees to make suggestions for becoming more eco-friendly and reward them for doing so.
Allow for Telecommuting – Allowing certain types of employees to work from home results in fewer pollution-spewing vehicles on the road. Telecommuting can also save money by reducing unscheduled absences, increasing productivity, eliminating the need for extra office space, alleviating employee stress, and improving workplace moral.
Reduce Printing – Printing every email and every document is unnecessary. Encourage employees to only print what is really needed and to use duplex printing if they absolutely need to print something. This not only reduces waste but it also saves money.
Use Electronic Marketing – Direct mail is costly and produces tons of waste. Consider electronic forms of marketing that are nearly free to send and do not add to our land fills. Electronic newsletters, brochures and email campaigns are successful forms of electronic marketing that are more budget friendly to produce and send than direct mail.
Purchase Hybrid Company Cars – Fuel costs can be slashed dramatically and you will be saving our ozone and eliminating our dependence on oil. Models that stand out in traffic like Smart Cars, save the planet and can be a moving billboard with the use of a vehicle wrap or other signage.
Change the Atmosphere – Adding plants and greenery to an office is an easy step to change a mood. Plants reduce some air pollutants and can be a gentle reminder to the office to keep the green efforts going.